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Playoffs are coming up!

Playoffs are scheduled for March 18, 23 and 24th.

The schedule is now available online.


  • A round robin round will take place for each division.
  • Standings will reflect 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.
  • The 1st place team will receive a bye into the finals
  • The 2nd and 3rd place teams will play a semi-final game, with the winner moving to the finals to play the 1st place team.
  • The 4th place team will be eliminated from the playoffs.

Tie break rules: 

  • Head to head record
  • Goal differential (goals for - goals against)
  • Coin toss

Overtime format:

  • 5 minute run-time period of sudden death overtime.  Last 2 minutes will be stop-time.
  • If no goal is scored after 5 minutes, a shoot-out will occur
  • 3 separate shooters will shoot for each team, the team with the most goals scored will be the winner.  
  • If the teams tied, each team can send one player (any legal player) at a time in a sudden death approach (if the first shooter scores, the other team's first shooter must score)

Individual players / spares

Are you interested in playing in the GMHL?  

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Congratulations to the winners this weekend.  Great season boys!

2018 Champs

A DIVISION: Naked Wing

B DIVISION: Crazy Eights

C DIVISION: Batallion

2017 Champs

A DIVISION: Naked Wing

B DIVISION: Crazy Eights

C DIVISION: Shockers

2016 Champs

A DIVISION: Mansion House

B DIVISION: Crazy Eights

C DIVISION: Miller Time

Welcome to the GMHL

The Georgina Mens Hockey League is open to 18+ adults that play out of the Georgina Ice Palace in Keswick, ON.

If you haven't seen it, download the Sports NGIN mobile app find your team so you can get the latest league information.


Alan Sandercock

Alan Sandercock