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    Season postponed

    All GMHL activity is currently suspended.

    The Town of Georgina is working closely with York Region Public Health and N6 municipal counterparts monitoring the global situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    With that news, the Ice Palace is closed effective March 14 at 2 a.m. until April 5 (inclusive).

    The executive team is keeping an eye on the situation and will work with team reps to communicate next steps.


    2019 Champs

    A DIVISION: Ducks

    B DIVISION: Crazy Eights

    C DIVISION: Old Boyz

    D DIVISION: Wesbell Blues

    2018 Champs

    A DIVISION: Naked Wing

    B DIVISION: Crazy Eights

    C DIVISION: Batallion

    2017 Champs

    A DIVISION: Naked Wing

    B DIVISION: Crazy Eights

    C DIVISION: Shockers

    2016 Champs

    A DIVISION: Mansion House

    B DIVISION: Crazy Eights

    C DIVISION: Miller Time

    Welcome to the GMHL

    The Georgina Mens Hockey League is open to 18+ adults that play out of the Georgina Ice Palace on Sunday's in Keswick, ON.

    If you haven't seen it, download the Sports NGIN mobile app find your team so you can get the latest league information.


    Individual players / spares

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    Eli Peroff

    Eli Peroff